Nice to meet you, 2015.

Happy New Year everyone! It’s been a great year. Instead of using Facebook’s “Summary of the Year” (or whatever), I prefer creating one on my own. So, let’s get started!

This picture was taken in the early 2014. We were throwing a party at my friend’s house. Guess where am I?

This was my school’s 100th year anniversary, and we were supposed to guide our alumnus to visit our school but we ended up taking pictures. The middle one is my Chinese teacher.

And a badly prepared choir for our alumnus.

Then, it’s Chinese New Year! Look at those white teeth 😀

Around May, We have a trip to Perak. The guide was explaining the advantages of mangrove trees.

Before leaving, it’s a tradition to take a group photo.

Now, this one has less people. Me and my best friend having lunch.

Do you know what’s below our feet? Shells, lots of shells.

I think the cameraman made a mistake. The main character was supposed to be the giant turtle, not the girls.

Finally, less red. More green.

I have no idea what he’s doing? Mr Malaysia?

I think we made a big mistake! The main character should be the rock behind, not us!

That’s it. Then, I flew to Los Angeles around July. When everyone was ready for school after a term break, my journey begins.

We were one of the first who arrived.

Someday, we’re going to meet there.

Thanks, Mr Clark! For your generous sponsor.

The one at the left is Milun from India, at the right is Mursalin from Bangladesh.

Jennifer Shahade, woman grandmaster of chess.

Calvin, Mathematics Challenge Master.

Peter was the one who interviewed me for the camp, we’ll met again someday.

Everyone was in this picture. Then bye!

There’s a WuShu and dance performance. The tickets were hot! The girl next to me demands a picture, so here it is.

Not long from today, MCO training camp!

Can you see the beautyful lady over there? She’s having a farewell party. All the best at England, Ruth, don’t forget me!

And finally, what I’ll never forget, C brothers.

Phew, that’s all. I’m glad I have this blog to save all the memories.

So, what’s next? New Year’s Resolution! When I checked my email today, I saw:

The secret to making resolutions that actually work is also the secret to making a hit movie. So let me teach you how to make a hit movie.

This is from Oliver Emberton’s new article: The secret to successful new year’s resolutions is walking through doors. I hope that this article can motivates you!

Well, this blog is about Math and Programming after all. So here is something interesting for Math Geeks:

2015 = 5\times 13 \times 31

2015_2 = 11111011111 Wow, a palindrome!

Thanks for reading. Good luck for 2015!

Nice to meet you, 2015.

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