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I follow the Feynman Technique when it comes to learning new concepts. Its main idea is simple : pretend you are teaching the idea to a new student. So, this blog is where I will write the explanations of the skills I’ve learnt and try to present it to someone who do not understand the subject.

So, for whom seeing this, whether if you’re an experienced programmer or not, I’m glad that you’re here. If you are a beginner and you can’t understand what I wrote, it’s not your fault, it’s mostly because I wasn’t able to explain it clearer, which means I didn’t fully understand the concept. If you encountered this problem, feel free to contact me and I will try to explain it better.

For experienced programmer, if you found that my explanation is wrong or misleading, I hope you can take a minute to contact me and point out my mistake.

Most of the source code found in this site are written in C++ and some of them are in Python or Pseudocode. Although I’ve already tested that every code works, you might saw some weird implementations such as

#include &ltiostream&gt

which was supposed to be

#include <iostream>

This appears every time when I hit the “Edit” button, so I have to change it manually to fix the problem. If you noticed this kind of error, please kindly contact me.


One thought on “About This Site

  1. It happened to me too….! Every post in my blog has source code, so this thing did trouble a lot. I used to be afraid of editing my code..! However, I’ve noticed that, this messing up of escape sequences occurs when I start editing the code using the new version of the posts editor, the one which opens up via “My Sites” > “Blog Posts” > “Edit”… The new version seems to have some sort of a bug. But you can also edit posts via the WP Admin Menu, found on the WP Admin Dashboard. I’ve noticed that editing posts using the WP Admin editor doesn’t screw up the code. Ever since then, I stopped using the new editor and did my edits or writing new posts in the WP Admin editor. I think you should try it out too… Try editing a post using the WP Admin editor…. Hopefully it works for you..! 🙂

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